The attached file shows the entity relationship diagram for the database.

An explanation of the database schema is as follows:
  • There are six types of object: people, bands, songs, genres, song performances and albums;
    • people form bands, write songs and compose songs;
    • one person may be a member of several bands, and each band can contain multiple people - hence there is a many-to-many relationship between people and bands;
    • one song can have many composers (one-to-many relationship);
    • songs can either be performed by people (solo performers) or bands;
    • songs can have multiple performances e.g. the original version and subsequent cover versions, re-recordings, live versions etc, by different people (as solo performers) or bands;
    • each song has only one genre;
    • albums are collections of song performances, not necessarily all by the same band or person.

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